Deal of the day — 50% off the React in Action MEAP!

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You might have seen my post from the other day about my upcoming book on React. I’m so excited to be working on this project and would love for you to be able to take part in learning about React and improving the book as it comes together. Today, React in Action is part of Manning’s Deal of the Day offering. You can get 50% off your order if you follow this link (make sure to use code DOTD102016LT). I can’t wait to get your feedback in the author forums and make React in Action the best it can be!

What’s in the book?

React in Action by Mark T. Thomas | Manning Publications

React in Action is broken into several major parts. In the first section, you’ll meet React. We’ll dive into some of the fundamental ideas in React and work with components. We’ll work our way from “raw” React (no transpilation, no syntactic helpers) towards JSX. We’ll move from basic static components to ones that are dynamic and interactive.

In the second section, we’ll explore the different ways that data works in React as well as diving further into components. We’ll cover core topics like lifecycle methods, data flow, forms, higher-order components, and testing.

In the last section, we’ll build on our work in the previous sections to explore React application architecture with Redux, server-side rendering, and React Native.

Lastly, several appendices at the end of the book will cover other topics like React tooling and ecosystem. One of the frustrations I’ve had with technical writing has been in its stilted, dry dullness. I firmly believe that technology can be exciting, compelling, accessibly-explained. My hope is that your experience reading React in Action will be jargon-less and full of clear, helpful explanation and insight.

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