If Else V3: from Ghost to Hugo

3 minute read

It’s been a while since I’ve revisited the design of my site (pssstt. you’re here!). I was pretty happy with the second version of it, but felt like it needed a change. It’s overall design is still utilizing the Tufte-CSS project, which based on the work of Edward Tufte (a renowned statistician noted for his expertise and work around the presentation of data). I have a copy of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and really enjoy the technical precision of his work as well as the overall aesthetic.

50% off React in Action Today

2 minute read

You might have seen my post from the other week about my upcoming book on React. Today, React in Action is part of Manning’s Deal of the Day. You can get 50% off your order here (make sure to use code dotd110316au!). What’s in the book? React in Action is broken into several major parts. In the first section, you’ll meet React. We’ll dive into some of the fundamental ideas in React and work with components.

A Conceptual Introduction to React Components

11 minute read

I’ve had the pleasure to work on a book about React — React in Action — for Manning this year. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m so excited that it’s starting to be publicly available now through the MEAP program! You can download the first chapter for FREE here. For a short while, you’ll be able to use the discount code mlthomas to get 50% off the MEAP!

Deal of the day — 50% off the React in Action MEAP!

2 minute read

You might have seen my post from the other day about my upcoming book on React. I’m so excited to be working on this project and would love for you to be able to take part in learning about React and improving the book as it comes together. Today, React in Action is part of Manning’s Deal of the Day offering. You can get 50% off your order if you follow this link (make sure to use code DOTD102016LT).


1 minute read

#Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers Just wanted to share this great TED talk about original thinking; hoping it helps developers think better about the role of procrastination in original thinking.

Type Inspection In Go

2 minute read

Since it seems to be the vogue inevitability for JS/Node engineers to dabble in Go, I am inevitably, well, dabbling in Go. My experience with the language so far has been an extremely pleasant one. In many ways it has been like sipping a surprisingly good cup of espresso that I hadn’t tried before. Furthermore, the approach it takes to extending functionality has been incredible; it’s composition over inheritance, but built into the language.