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Using Node, Redis, and Kue for Priority Job Processing

Code for tutorial available on Github Get Your Priorities Straight Chances are that if you’ve worked on the server side of things for long enough, you’ve probably run into a situation where you need a queue of some sort to handle messaging, processing, or any sort of orderly task execution. In this tutorial, we’ll be using a certain type of queue — the priority job queue — to help us solve a fairly common problem: payment processing.

React Native: Quick Start and Including Images

Origin Story I asked a question on Stack Overflow about ~7 months back (at time of writing) about requiring and including images in react native. I figured it was a simple misunderstanding on my part about the directory structure(s) used in iOS development, but it turned out to be both 1) something other people were curious about and 2) an area where the react native team was still stabilizing the API.

Send and Receive Mail Locally in Rails

One of the first hurdles I ran into when getting started with Rails 4 is sending/receiving mail locally. I’d wired up my basic app and started to sign in for the first time when I realized that I’d given the confirmation email no way to go anywhere. With some authentication gems can loook in the logs for your local rack server and see the confirmation token, but that gets old quickly and you’re quite limited in what you can do.

Using Mandrill With Ghost

###Ghosting Around I’ve been tinkering around with Ghost recently and found it to be a new but promising platform in the main. There are certainly some things it will need to achieve any sort of significant user-base (plugins, apps, etc., which are coming in future releases At the very least, it’s great that there are open-source, well-supported options for blogging platforms that aren’t Wordpress and it’s cousins. I suppose it can’t hurt Nodejs and Javascript Development in general either for there to be more people using node-based platforms either.