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Starting From Scratch—Resources to Get You Started

I will update this post with more resources as I find them – check back for more (Just starting out in web development? This post is written for you) Starting from scratch One of the things that I’ve learned since becoming a developer is that sometimes “you don’t know what you don’t know.” That is, sometimes you just have no idea how much you don’t really know. This can be daunting, especailly if you’re just starting out.

Faster Terminal Navigation with Autojump

In Praise of The CLI One reason the GUI exists is to speed up and make clearer basic user interaction with a computer. Take, for example, moving around the Finder on OSX. If you want to open a file, you have to use a series of visual representation using the mouse as your only means of navigation. Cool, right? In many ways, the GUI is incredible; it is in part what has enabled computers to become so useful in the world.

Send and Receive Mail Locally in Rails

One of the first hurdles I ran into when getting started with Rails 4 is sending/receiving mail locally. I’d wired up my basic app and started to sign in for the first time when I realized that I’d given the confirmation email no way to go anywhere. With some authentication gems can loook in the logs for your local rack server and see the confirmation token, but that gets old quickly and you’re quite limited in what you can do.

Mathematics for Computer Science (Resource)

Concise Overview of CS Math Even though my academic background is primarily in the humanities and biochemistry, my foundations/training in math is somewhat limited when compared to what the typical comptuer science or engineering major would normally go through. As such, I’ve been doing self-remediation through the wonderful (actual and otherwise) repositories of free knowledge available to us through that whole internet thing. One resource that I’ve really enjoyed is an overview of mathematics for computer science by Prof.