November 2, 2015

New NPM Module: Favorites

I don’t know about you, but there are a few modules that I tend to use really often in the projects I’m working on. I usually go with some combination of eslint, lodash, babel, and a number of others. I’ve written briefly about some of my favorites here and here. I also find myself trying to stay current with the latest version of node for security considerations as well as all the other good that comes from using the current stable version.
October 23, 2015

Method Chaining in JavaScript

Are you still a JavaScript padawan learner? Then this post is for you. Maybe you’re still going over the basics of JavaScript, learning how to define functions, how objects work, and some of the other baby steps. And maybe you’ve toyed around with that semi-well known library for querying the DOM (and for doing wayyyy too many other things, IMO), le jQuery. If you have or if you’ve tried out another library, you’ve likely seen something like this:
October 20, 2015

Npm Modules I can't live without (pt. 2)

I’ve been writing a three-part series on some great modules I love and use. This is part two, but make sure to check out the first post. Eslint: If you’re not doing static analysis on your code, you’re carrying around a giant foot-gun…and probably using it, often. Eslint comes from the jsHint/jsLint school of thought, but with some notable differences: Espree for parsing, an AST for analysis, and it’s very pluggable.
October 20, 2015

Modules I Can't Live Without (pt. 1)

##jQuery!!!!!!! Jk you guys. I wanted to do a post that just briefly goes through some npm modules I find really useful for a variety of reasons. For something more intense, you can check out one of the ‘awesome’ lists here or here. It’s Listicle Time Lodash: You could say Lodash is pretty dependable. Well, maybe it’s better to say that it’s really depended on. It’s a fantastic, performant toolbox of tools for functional programming and just a ton of common use-cases.
October 18, 2015

New Look

Trying out a new look for the blog. When I first started writing here, I was pretty swamped with other things, so I had just forked and modified an existing Ghost theme to suit my needs. It was clean and I was happy with for the most part. I still don’t have enough time to dedicate to making the design incredible, but the old look was bothering me. It felt way too cookie-cutter.
September 17, 2015

Commits In Real Life: CI Builds

<Meaningful Commit> <Meaningful Commit> <Meaningful Commit> <Trying to fix CI Build> <Trying to fix CI Build> <Still Trying to fix CI Build> <Trying to fix CI Build> <CI Build has become self-aware> <Trying to fix CI Build> <CI Build is actively breaking itself, laughing at me> <Trying to fix CI Build> <CI Build refuses to cooperate> <Works for me> <DevOps angry> <Meaningful Commit> <Trying to fix CI Build> <Trying to fix CI Build> <Meaningful Commit> <Meaningful Commit> <Transition to new CI build vendor> .
September 2, 2015

Running Node.js Apps in Production

tl;dr: In this post I’ll highlight three modules that you can use to to run your node app in production: using forever, nodemon, and PM2. So it’s pm2 vs forever vs nodemon. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses: forever is the most general, nodemon the best suited for development, and PM2 is the most comprehensive and best-suited for production. Production Ah, Production™. That happy place where everything is supposed to go smoothly and serenely1, where programs are their supposed to be their best, most efficient and bug-less selves.
August 27, 2015

Server-Side Rendering with React and React-Router

update: This post was last updated on 4/16/16 w/ more-recent react-router. tl;dr: React is the only framework you ever need to learn again! Proclaim it’s superiority from the mountaintops! No longer will we be trapped in the chains of Angular, Ember, Backbone…REACT IS FREEDOM. Eh…Jk. React is really great, but please don’t be that person. We need to love all the frameworks equally, lest we just keep reinventing them over and over and over…and over again ;) I’m way off track of this tl;dr now.
August 18, 2015

Removing Unused or Untagged Docker Images

Avast, Ye Old Images! If you’ve been trying out Docker or maybe just reading about it, you probably know that one of it’s strengths is the way in which builds progress by layer. RUN commands all get executed in their own intermediate container. This is great for lots of reasons, but if you don’t use the --rm=true flag when you run docker build, you’ll get stuck with lots of these guys after a while: ##Make it so
August 18, 2015

Dockerizing A Node.JS Web App (again)

*tl;dr: You might have seen or read the Docker tutorial Dockerizing a Node.js web app; this is another take on how you might go about doing just that if you need a more flexible approach than the one you can find in the Docker docs (how are they not called docks?!).* Head here to check out the sample Dockerfile. ##Ahoy! I’ve been working on a small side-project/really-small startup called Charityware.