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New NPM Module: Favorites

I don’t know about you, but there are a few modules that I tend to use really often in the projects I’m working on. I usually go with some combination of eslint, lodash, babel, and a number of others. I’ve written briefly about some of my favorites here and here. I also find myself trying to stay current with the latest version of node for security considerations as well as all the other good that comes from using the current stable version.

Npm Modules I can't live without (pt. 2)

I’ve been writing a three-part series on some great modules I love and use. This is part two, but make sure to check out the first post. Eslint: If you’re not doing static analysis on your code, you’re carrying around a giant foot-gun…and probably using it, often. Eslint comes from the jsHint/jsLint school of thought, but with some notable differences: Espree for parsing, an AST for analysis, and it’s very pluggable.