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Dockerizing a Node.js Web Application

Several months ago, I wrote about how you might go about ‘dockerizing’ a node.js web application. I was able to write an expanded version of this post for Semaphore CI’s Community site. I am re-posting it here — enjoy! Dockerizing a Node.js Web Application Introduction If you’ve ever developed anything that needs to ‘live’ somewhere besides your local machine, you know that getting an application up and running on a different machine is no simple task.

Removing Unused or Untagged Docker Images

Avast, Ye Old Images! If you’ve been trying out Docker or maybe just reading about it, you probably know that one of it’s strengths is the way in which builds progress by layer. RUN commands all get executed in their own intermediate container. This is great for lots of reasons, but if you don’t use the --rm=true flag when you run docker build, you’ll get stuck with lots of these guys after a while: ##Make it so

Dockerizing A Node.JS Web App (again)

tl;dr: You might have seen or read the Docker tutorial Dockerizing a Node.js web app; this is another take on how you might go about doing just that if you need a more flexible approach than the one you can find in the Docker docs (how are they not called docks?!). Head here to check out the sample Dockerfile. ##Ahoy! I’ve been working on a small side-project/really-small startup called Charityware. It’s been a ton of fun and I’ve learned lots and lots…and lots.