About Me

Mark Thomas | If Else

My name is Mark Thomas. I’m a software engineer and author living and playing in the Los Angeles area. I absolutely love what I do. I’m currently working for FloQast as software engineer leading a team. We’re looking to grow our teams and if you like the sound of a collaborative engineering culture dedicated to building high-quality systems, good news: we’re hiring!

Some other stuff about me: I strive to be T-shaped – having a deep expertise in one area while remaining well-informed and able in a broader area. I am focusing primarily on Javascript and web-related technologies, but dabble in a wide variety of programming languages and disciplines. I love beautiful systems.

I write at ifelse.io (psst: you’re here) and you can find me on Twitter and Github. If you want to get in touch via email, hit me up at mark at (the domain for this site). Let’s chat!