About Me

Mark Thomas | If Else

My name is Mark Thomas. I’m a software engineer and author living and playing in the Los Angeles area. I absolutely love what I do.

I’m a full-stack sort of person: I am fascinated by a wide variety of fields, hobbies, people, and things in general. I studied biochemistry, economics, and primarily English Literature at university, but have been taking CS classes whenever I can after graduating.

I enjoy hiking and being in the wilderness as well as sitting in front of my computer programming all day. I am happy to chat about the latest political happenings as well as ponder philosophical questions. Where we have been in the past interests me just as much as where we are going. When it comes to programming, I am just as interested in byte-level manipulation as I am at higher-level application structure or usability concepts.

I strive to be T-shaped – having a deep expertise in one area while remaining well-informed and able in a broader area. I am focusing primarily on Javascript and web-related technologies, but dabble in a wide variety of programming languages and disciplines.

I blog at ifelse.io (psst: you’re here) and you can find me on the Twitters and the Githubs @markthethomas. Let’s chat!