If Else

I love writing. Maybe it's a hold-over from my academic training in English literature, or maybe it's just something I'll always do. One area of writing I've been passionate about since becoming a developer is providing insight and instruction for other developers in written form that is accessible but nuanced. I want to think that the average developer is capable of more than copy-pasting everything. And if they aren't, what I write won't let them do just that, so they'll have to read and learn and, hopefully, get better.

This is the second iteration of my blog. I'd seen Dave Liepmann's cool Tufte Css lib on Hacker News that emulates the thinking/style of Edward Tufte. So, I thought I might see if I could do something with that.

Mainly, I was hoping to clean up the blog and focus on readability and simplicity in the main. It was a pretty complete transition; not much is left over. Even the logo got tossed out -- if you use your imagination you can even look at the Lambda as an abstract representation of a logical branch, an if..else (one line...becoming two? A logical branch? Eh?).

To check it out...just click around! You're already here :)